Masters 2005




First senior competition of the year, the Masters is the first occasion for the skaters to present their new programs to the judges.

Using a James Bond theme for his short program, Brian delivered a good program, even though the quadruple-triple combinaison was not perfect. Behind him stood Yannick Ponsero and Alban Préaubert, Frédéric Dambier, the french vice-champion, being only in 6th place due to two mistakes on jumps.

At the beginning of his long program, skated to 'Lord of the dance', Brian landed a good quadruple toe, followed by a light triple Axel, and a triple flip - double toe combo. The rest of the program was also of high level, despite a hand down on the triple loop, a double Lutz instead of a triple, and the second triple Axel changed at the last moment for a triple Salchow. The foot of Brian did wobble shortly before the take off, so he decided to change the Axel into a Salchow, a decision that his coach qualified as 'intelligent, because he would have never landed the Axel in those conditions'. This wobble may be due to the ice as another competitor had the same problem at this very place of the rink. Overall, Brian's long program was very energetic, with a lot of expression, fast step sequence (one straight, one circular), and fast spins all with edge changes. He logically won the free program and the competition. Yannick Ponsero and Alban Préaubert had problems with jumps, Samuel Contesti (2nd) and Frédéric Dambier (3rd) took their place aside Brian on the podium; they were all congratulated by Alain Calmat, a former sport minister and world champion. Brian will now have to increase the difficulty of his program, which he downgraded to skate clean, but the season looks promising !


triple Axel
(0.9 Mo)
(0.6 Mo)
(3.5 Mo)
(2.3 Mo)
(6.4 Mo)

Two questions to the coach :
What is your opinon about you student at this competition ?

Brian know his programs, they are ready, the public and the judge like them, so that part of the work is already done. Technically Brian is ready with his jumps, step sequences, spins, his physical condition is great. The only thing that he lacks at this period of the season is that he has to feel confident with every part of the programs, he has to skate them almost automatically. For example in his long program the preparation of the Lutz was too short and then he was too close to the board… but that's normal at this stage of the season, it's ony the beginning, with more work and more competitions everything will be smoother and come along more naturally.

Which points will you specifically work on when you will be back in Poitiers ?
We are going to work on every part of the program, separately. Brian must be at ease with every part of his program to skate them naturally, without wondering if he must shorten a trajectory, etc… Brian wants to win everything this season, including the OG, so winning the Masters is like a first step. He will skate next at the Skate America. We will bring with us the two versions of the costumes : for each program two costumes are ready, we will try them with different audiences and judges and keep the best ones.

The podium
Brian being interviewed by the French TV

, Pa